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For many years Newry High has offered a wide range of courses and subject choices for all students. Each year there are a large number of students who join our school to take up these courses. The information on this page should give some idea of the requirements needed to gain a place at Newry High to follow Post 16 courses.

Aspirations of the Senior Prefect Team

Post 16 Options

Within the School we offer a flexible range of qualifications to suit most individual needs. Pupils entering Year 13 can study the following options or a combination of these options:

Option 1

4 AS

12 GCSE Points

Option 2

3 AS

7 GCSE Points

Option 3

1x 12 Unit A-Level (Health and Social Care)

12 GCSE Points

Option 4

2 AS

6 GCSE Points

AS levels must be chosen from the following subjects:

Art and Design




Business Studies

Moving Image Art




Physical Education

English Literature





Religious Education

Health and Social Care



Travel and Tourism

GCSE points are awarded as follows:

A* = 4 Points

A = 3 Points

B = 2 Points

C = 1 Point

Pupils must have at least a grade C, but preferably an A or B in the subjects to be studied at AS / A-level.
It is desirable that GCSE grades include English Language and Mathematics - one at grade C or above and the other grade D or above

Year 13 pupils are also required/able to complement their studies by participation in some of the following pursuits:

Non-Academic Criteria:

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