Aims and Values

Mission Statement

Newry High School exists to serve the community of Newry and surrounding district by providing an appropriate and challenging curriculum for all pupils. Providing:

"Quality Education for All"

School Aims

School Values

Our Code of Conduct is focused on three key concepts:

The aim of the NI Curriculum is to empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives. The objectives are to develop the young people as:


We expect the highest possible standards in all aspects of school life in partnership with all our stakeholders.  We strive for continuous improvement in all that we do through effective self-evaluation.


We encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour and to contribute positively to all aspects of school life.


We expect all stakeholders to be considerate of other views and feelings.  Trust, courtesy and co-operation are central to this key value.  We encourage people to work together and develop positive relationships.

We strive to create an inviting and positive student-centred learning environment where all individuals are valued for their own personal strengths.  We expect everyone to take pride in our school, show a ‘can-do’ attitude and be fully committed to all aspects of school life.