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The origins of the present day Newry High School can be traced to the end of the 19th century and it has undergone several name changes: from Newry Intermediate School to Newry Grammar School in 1948 and then to Newry High School in the 1966/1967 school year. Since then the school has a proven track record of providing a wide curriculum for the entire spectrum of ability in its community. The school's enrolment capacity is 580 and it has currently 28 teachers with 440 pupils.


We believe the success of our students is in part based upon the school aims and shared values. We are committed to providing an excellent standard of education to all students, whatever their ability or background. We aim to foster the all-round development of each individual, so that everyone can make the most of their talents and contribute to the life of the school and wider community.

Our approach to Teaching and Learning is based upon high expectations and positive relationships which show mutual respect, trust and a desire to achieve the very best. We aim for Newry High School to be a purposeful and happy place where everyone is actively engaged in, and stimulated by, the process of learning. We want to demonstrate awareness that students all learn in a variety of ways and that learning is a life long experience.

The aim of the NI Curriculum is to empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives. The objectives are to develop the young people as:

Our overarching aim is to provide an inclusive and diverse curriculum which is balanced, broad, relevant and appropriate.

The curriculum will:


The school occupies extensive premises on the outskirts of Newry in a pleasant residential district with easy access to main routes. In addition to standard classrooms the teaching of practical subjects is catered for by:

School Information

School Day



Teaching Periods

Mon - Thurs

8 periods

35 or 40 minutes each


9 periods

Morning Break

Mon - Thurs

10.55am - 11.10am


11.10am - 11.25am


Mon - Thurs

1.05pm - 1.40pm


1.15pm - 1.50am

School Ends


School Type

Controlled Comprehensive

Age Range

11 - 18


Mr I Brown

Chair of Board of Governors

Mr C Whiteside


Girls Uniform

School Uniform image

Boys Uniform

Grey Newry High School blazer with crest

Grey Newry High School blazer with crest

White blouse

White shirt

Black double pleated knee length skirt

Black trousers

Plain maroon 'v' neck pullover - optional

Plain maroon 'v' neck pullover - optional

Junior / Senior school tie

Junior / Senior school tie

Plain black opaque tights or black knee socks

Black socks

Plain black shoes

Plain black shoes

P.E. uniform is compulsory

P.E. uniform is compulsory

Coat and Scarf - optional

Coat and Scarf - optional

The official suppliers are:

  • Daisy: Hill street Newry
  • McEvoys: Monaghan Street, Newry
  • W. Moorehead: 23 Fountains Street, Bessbrook
  • Saints & Scholars: 23 Mill Street, Newry

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